Road2 Sardinia is a travel documentary through the most intimate and hidden Sardinia: a Sardinia made of landscapes and people’s stories that characterize the places.
A journey across the island made up of many small steps to discover sustainable lifestyles and tourism. Together with its protagonists it will be possible to observe and learn about the natural and landscape beauties as well as the traditions and culture of this land through the voice of the people of Sardinia.

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A year has passed since the beginning of Road2Sardinia.

Our journey was a frenetic succession of emotions, encounters and landscapes, all to take your breath away. We were hosted in welcoming and comfortable structures, led to know the naturalistic, archaeological and historical beauties by expert and passionate guides; we admired artisans building works of art and enjoyed true Sardinian hospitality when we toasted and ate with each of you.

Telling the territory through the experiences with the operators was the soul of the project for us. From the meeting with Paolo Costa, Eager’s partner and PR manager for Heart Of Sardinia, it was possible to develop the Road2 project starting from the network of contacts and people.

During this journey we met in order: at Asinara Enrico Mereu, Giommaria Deriu, Vittorio Gazale; in Bosa Sebastiano Zappulla, Mrs. Giovanna Sanna, Antonio Madeddu; to Paulilatino Chiara Floris, Carmen Madau and her family; to Abbasanta Patrizia Carta and Francesca Manca; to the archaeological park of Santa Cristina Massimo Muscas and Mauro Mariani; to Norbello Daniela Madau; to Ghilarza Paolo Piquereddu; in Santu Lussurgiu Maria Arca, Mario Ardu and Carlo Pische; to Cabras Pierlugi Mele and Carlo Sanna; to Funtana Meiga Roberto Caddeo; to Portixeddu Lino Cianciotto; to Tuili Roberto Sanna and Renata Accalai; in Sanluri Fabrizio Pittau and Antonio Lello Porru; to Samassi Romano Trudu Biosolution; to Gadoni Mario Deligia; in Sorgono Daniele and Laura Mereu; to Meana Sardo Carmen Delogu; to Seulo Giovanni Ghiani; to Aritzo Francesco Manca, his mother Vittoria Murgia and his father Albino with Tziu Franciscu; to Mamoiada Mario Paffi, Daniele Mameli and the girls of Meskes Alice and Manuela; to Lollove Simone Ciferni and Roberto Chessa; to Calangianus Fabio Molinas and Giusy; to Siniscola Claudio Secchi and Bea, Augusto, Mario, Valerio and Valentino; to Tertenia Federica Puddu, Barbara Lai, Franco and Mirella, Damiano, Cesare, Andrea, Angelo Murgia, Andrea Contu. In Ulassai Simone Depau, in Villagrande Strisaili Zia Giulia, Cristian and Giorgio, Pietrina Lecca and in Villanova Strisaili Gian Luigi Bonicelli. In Orosei Simone Dessena and Emilio Selis. In Valledoria, Francesca Montisci, Antonio Muntoni, Giulia Forghieri and Angela Nieddu. Again Nicola Melis and the boys of the 100 Torri Way; Many people accompanied us on this long journey together with the operators we have mentioned and our thanks also go to them for their human warmth and hospitality.

These few lines are to thank each of you, in my name and all my travel and project companions, for making your experience and time available with passion and professionalism, contributing in a decisive way to the success of Road2Sardinia.

We all share the idea that the development of the territory must also take place through the enhancement of lesser known tourist resources so that Sardinia is perceived as a destination not only for seaside tourism. In recent weeks we have discussed these issues with you and the need has emerged to join forces to encourage the growth of individual operators, carrying out common projects with courage and ambition, for greater growth and prosperity, individual and collective, economic and Human.

The travel documentary will talk about you and our land, about the emotions you gave us and that we want to transfer to the spectators. We have also decided to distribute some contents on digital channels, favoring faster and more immediate communication. For this reason, we renew the invitation to follow our pages and to share the contents that you like best, with the hope that this can also translate into financial support from the public, in order to carry out this ours with greater force. initiative.

Simone Ripamonti

Road2 Creator – First Edition “Sardinia”